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Руководитель проекта ЛеснойРесурс.рф - лесопромышленник Евгений Роженцев

Hello! For many years I lead all production and trade enterprise of the forest industry in the Novosibirsk region. And I know what the problem may be finding buyers or sellers of products – especially in the limited time. In my practice there were many cases where one enterprise is actively looking for a buyer for certain goods, products or equipment, and another in a nearby town led a search of the seller of the same goods or equipment. As a result, the company did not find each other, spent a lot of time and effort, sending production thousands of miles away. In addition, in my experience, that sometimes base trading and manufacturing companies are very close to potential partners or buyers of products – but need to put a lot of effort to find out about this.

These examples always made me think that our industry urgently needed a single, clear and accessible working platform. Of course, on the Internet such sites already exist. But some resources require a fee for placing ads, others allow the buyer to choose on price, region or other parameters, and some are even represent chaotic set of commercial proposals. That's why I created the site www.леснойресурс.рф.

What gives You this resource? Here You can easily submit a free ad to buy, find sellers, buyers, professionals or need products in different regions of Russia and CIS countries, to compare the prices and sort offers. That is, Desnoyers.the Russian Federation – is a convenient information and shopping portal that helps to establish close economic relations, to make a profit and contributes to the development of the whole forest industry.

We are constantly improving our site and always welcome any suggestions or tips to make it more convenient and useful for You. If You have any difficulties in working with the site, need some advice or help – please contact our specialist by phone +7-953-801-46-33on mail or via the feedback form. If You have suggestions for the work of our employees, then please mail me


Sincerely, Evgeniy Rozhentsev