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Partners for the purchase of forests in China.

Good day!

I offer a unique product that can help suppliers of forest industry of the Russian Federation to find partners buying large forest in China. This customer base at the end of 2015, which contains Chinese companies that imported and bought the forest in various ports of China. The document provided by the Central customs authority of the PRC and contains information about 534 companies located in different parts of China. In the document details provided with the following information: name(English & Chinese), address, HS code, CEB(company code), date of import, quantity, total amount of purchases, the purchase price for cube, country of export, the name of the port or the crossing, type of delivery, contact information(telephone, Fax, zip code, email, name of contact person, address, company registration, province).
Can also offer a client base of Chinese companies engaged in wood processing industry, sawmills, manufacturers of pallet in different provinces of China.

For all questions and contact information please mail aforchina@yandex.ru

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