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Aurora led headlamp

Your jeep, boat, ATV, or the ATV is not enough regular light? Want, Your car was the brightest on the road? There is a solution – advanced led optics Aurora.
More recently, diode lights because of the high prices were not too many are available. But now, with the advent of Aurora optics, the situation is changing. Aurora lights is a high quality led tuning at affordable prices!
All lights Aurora equipped with high-tech " Breathing ", preventing the formation of condensate inside the housing with the pressure difference of outside and inside, the Aurora has a maximum protection class IP69K. Fastening elements made of stainless steel. The plug and wiring lights provide reliable moisture protection of electrical connections. Aurora lights are not only technological, but also have stylish design, the appearance of which gives a finished look to Your vehicle.
Aurora optics is universal, it can be used on any kind of technology: on city automobiles, SUVs and all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and ATVs, boats and watercraft, as well as different special equipment. Set it as headlamp for more light or led fog lights.
On our website: http://www.atvx.rupresented the most complete information for all models: descriptions, specifications, photos and prices for Aurora led headlamp.

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