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Furniture,joinery,sawmill and machine tools Used/in stock

Machines in stock,to connect you can check the delivery of new positions every week.

Every machine is verified by the Adjuster and presale preparation.

Put and play.

  • Vima Assembly used for Windows and doors Stromab STH-ORA
    Cutting machine used/Omga T 421 ST
    Drilling-grooving machine b/SVPG-1
    Machine for joining veneer b/Kuper FW/M-630T
    Purnima saw used for veneer SCHEER FM 19-3100
    Milling machines with tenoning carriage b/PSS-1A.10
    Milling machine used/Proma TFS-100/30
    Thickness planer b/a Jet JPM-13 CSX | In=330 mm, 2 kW, 230 V
    Thickness planer b/MB108F | B=800 mm
    Surface planer b/u SF-4
    Drilling-filler machine b/y Filato FL-21
    Drilling-filler machine b/y submitted by vitap on the ALFA Classic 21
    Panel sizing machine b/a SCM SI 300 NOVA
    Panel sizing machine b/Format 4 Kappa 40
    Panel sizing machine b/FELDER K500S
    Aspect-panel saw Felder K700S BU
    Panel sizing machine b/y Filato FL-3200L
    Sliding panel saw machine Higt-Point STS 3200
    -Squaring frame complete with Omga TI 3000 Super
    Roller press used/Turanlar T-RP 135
    Edge banding machine b/KDT-305
    Edge banding machine BU submitted by vitap on BC91A
    Ed. Edge banding Filato FL-530,with a butt joint
    Ed.MDZ 515B edge banding (WT 4/3) | 0.4-3.0 mm, label edge trimming, removal of overhangs, polishing, polishing.
    Ed.Edge banding machine b/Filato FL-130
    Kalibrovochnoj grinding machine used/Beaver SR-RP 1100A | 2 node 1100х110 mm, 27.87 kW.
    Cold hydraulic press b/MY50Y 2500х1250 mm, opening 800 mm plates, a force of 50 tons.
    Membrane vacuum press FENG XI CMF2500A | Table 2555x1280 mm.
    Four-machine b/a Beaver 523B
    Four-machine b/a Beaver 616
    Line splice PSK-4500A + TSK-18G - 2012
    Optimization line b/OMGA T 2005 OPT | 260х100 mm, 310х50 mm, 5.5 kW, 90 m/MMN.
    Multi blade rip saw machine b/a Walter WD 250/350
    Line of endless splicing b/Howial HVP-18 | Max. cross-section 200 x 100 mm, pneumatic.
    Extrusion line-through b/Orma LCC 44/14
    Dust collector HÖCKER Polytechnik Vacumobil EA 300 briquetting press They CS 4-12
  • Horizontal machine for drilling glass ENKONG SD-130
    Machine for curved edging glass ENKONG YXM1 (B/a)
    Automatic machine for sandblasting glass Enkong PS1500 (B/a)
    Horizontal washing machine ENKONG QX16 (B/a)
    Machine for scalloped edging of glass and cut with CNC ALBA 1-4F (B/a)

Photos and prices upon request
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