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Softwood lumber on the wagon 5900 RUB.

We offer sawn timber of coniferous (pine) cut from existence and under the order, humidity natural. In the presence of more than 500 m3 Board, 1-3 grades according to GOST 8486-86 (1сорт 25%, 2сорт 50%, 3сорт 25%), 4 and 6 meters. Section 43mm, 32mm, 23mm. Deposited on the frames.
Width 193mm, multiple 173, 160mm, 143mm 130mm, 113mm, 93mm
Board 23 – 5900 RUB per m3 on the carriage Board 32 and 43 mm 6200 rubles per m3 on the car.
Production on “the North” of the Sverdlovsk region. Our lumber is not sick, not blue, not rotten, not oblique, not a curve, no diamonds and parallelepipedon, the geometry and the dimensions strictly according to the GOST.
Shipment carriage 88 - 92 m3 (loading rail) conditions FOR (ex-car) shipments. Might work for FCA - free carrier (clearance phyto certificate and railway, customs, etc.). Ready to be shipped to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. Make the queries, indicating al. mail will throw off the balances, prices, contact details, if you need more pictures. The Internet has a website of OOO "Proment".
We are looking for SANE customers, with mandatory experience in purchasing carriage. Again, do not dry, do not pack does not cover septic in the year these sections, without the wild allowances, as well as without payment we are not what or whom are not shipped and do not offer.
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