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Our firm has the ability to assist the sawn timber producers to enter into direct export contracts for the supply of lumber.
The country with which we operate: Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Spain, Mauritania, Morocco, UAE, Turkey, Israel, China, United Arab Emirates.

At present, there are:
requests for the delivery of an edging Board from a pine and spruce
requests for log Board of pine, spruce, birch, aspen and so on.
requests for the supply of saw-timber of birch
requests for lining of black alder
requests for pine and birch plywood
requests for sleepers of wood coniferous wood
requests for lumber oak, maple, Linden.

In order to start working with us should send the company name, contacts and location (tel/Fax, email, office address, manufacturing address, name of Director, name of contact person). Codes queries that interest You, by e-mail.
The price is 800 RUB per 1 code (pin ) of interest to the query provider.
Perhaps the provision of additional services, negotiations in the interests of (and on behalf) of the Russian supplier. As a result of negotiations we update the price (including the location of the supplier), find out the conditions of supply, payment etc, and other issues on his behalf.
+7 937 089 8095
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