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Wall paneling, shelves, large volumes!

Good day!

We are one of the largest manufacturers of molded products from its raw materials base located in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Our company specializiruetsya in the production and wholesale of lining, a shelf, a block house and wood products, pallet wood from basswood and aspen.

Looking for large consumers of molded products from following wood species: Linden, Aspen, Alder.

Manufactured products:
-Molded-lime 14*88
-Molded-aspen 14*82
-Molded-Alder 14*88
-Molded-Alder 14*111
-25 shelves*90 Linden
-25 shelves*90 aspen
-25 shelves*65 Linden
Molded products made of lime:
Area wide 40*25
Area 25*25
The narrow area 15*15
The casing 65*13
The clypeus is narrow 62*12
Casing glued KL 75*12
Quirk 27*12
Fungus 28*13
Skirting direct 40*13
Baseboard figure 40*13
The semicircular layout 40*13
The semicircular layout 18*8
The layout of a semicircular narrow 25*11
The layout of the flat is 40*14
The layout of the flat narrow 12*18
The layout of the narrow door is 13.5*25
Layout door wide to 13.5*37
Molded products made of pine:
Area 40*25
Area 45*25
Area 45*45
Area 35*35
Area 25*25
Area 18*35
Area 18*18
The semicircular layout 18*25
The Laminated Casing 18*80

Currently, we launched the production of adherent linings( 14*88), length can do under the order. Spliced paneling is gaining popularity and many people are switching to it because the price is much cheaper and some advantages.
About it please contact us by email aa-dekor@yandex.ru we will tell you about all the pros and will make price and quality.

Thanks to modern European and American equipment, our products have perfect geometry and smooth surface.
The machine tools are American, leader Mac, profile soft line, section 14*95 together with the thorn, and working 88.

+79867528710 - Alexander
+79263784820 - Mr. Adelsheim (Gen. Director).
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