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Buy lip

Tajjga, OOO
buy a Board edging of lime
with a minimum volume of 65-70 m3, natural moisture, not more than 5-6 knots, the size of the bitch in the diameter of 30 mm. Length - 2-3-4 m (tolerance 30 mm), the width of the narrow edge - 100 mm (tolerance 10 mm) or more, height 80 mm (tolerance 2 mm). The rot is not allowed. The core is allowed. You should cut all the Linden according to our size.

Boards must be Packed in packages (stacks), which are to be bound with metal or polypropylene tape, ensuring the reliability and durability of the bag packing when loading and unloading, and during transportation, but not less than five places along the length of the package.

Contact information:
Director of "Taiga":
Valerius 8-991-398-68-30 or 8-986-920-46-39;
Deputy Director of "Taiga":
Fedor Sergeyevich 8-991-398-68-70
email: taigalb@mail.ru
we in the social.networks: https://vk.com/taigaizh
Udmurtian Republic, Russian Federation, Izhevsk, street Lesozavodsky 23/179

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