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Required! Operators on LZK! Work at harvester, forwarder!

Requirements for the employee
Requirements: - at least secondary education, the presence of primary or secondary professional education in the area of logging would be an advantage;
- availability certificate “Tractor-driver” with a permit to work in the logging industry and the open category E, D.
- experience the operator will consider students with experience on an excavator, tractor or after training by the operator of LZK.

Job description
The company constantly increases the Park LZK, has several sets of logging equipment Komatsu220/JSB220+EcoLog (NEW) which requires experienced operators in the brigade for 6 people. On the team cars for the shift change.

Schedule: 4 operator on watch, 2 houses.
Rate: 110-120 rubles per cubic Always on time without delays!!!
Stay on watch in a comfortable car (bedroom, kitchen/dining room, shower, workshop).

If You are a person who:
- responsible for the result of their work;
- has a high capacity;
- result-oriented;
- disciplined, honest;
- able to work in a team;
- able to respect the fiduciary estate;
- wants to get a decent paying using bottom skills
we're looking for You.

- manage forwarder or with a harvester; - performing minor repairs;
- technical maintenance;
- care and respect for technology;
- compliance with established regulations.

- official employment according to the labour code;
- shift method of work in the territory of the European part of the Russian Federation (Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Vologda, Tver, Ivanovo, etc);
- working on modern technology;
- wages are high, without delay.

The company have work experience in forestry for over 15 years, the warehouse of consumables and spare parts, work in collaboration with service outages for these reasons, NO!

Contact details: OOO “VTB”
Andrey Petrovich
Vladimir Germanovich
8-964-136-90-50 Viber/WhatsApp

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