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what is wrong in the announcement?

Here is the announcement!, tell me what's wrong with him?
Standing timber: Sale of standing timber No. 31531
Region: Novosibirsk region, Russia (the city of the "Swamp" will be published after validation)
Name of organization: physical person
Wood species: Pine
Gorelnik: no
Deadwood: no
Quantity in m3: 5000
Price in rubles per m3: 1 500
Standing timber, pine, 6000 m3, 2000 m3 of birch. Of land With/X destination 7 km from S. Karasawa Bolotninskiy district of Novosibirsk region. Land area of 63 Ha, water 1 Ha (pond) under forest and 35 Ha (pine). Land ownership of the forest removed from the forest Fund.
Sale together with land.

Contact details:
Skype anna2viktor2
phone: +7 3834952230
Tell me what is wrong in the ad, for all time came to see only one buyer and disappeared (although it is conceivable that it was a forest Prosecutor's office). Expensive, little forest district failed in which the forest can be more profitable to buy, compulsory purchase of land in private property, no subdivision, and on the Internet that the site is not shown (survey in process). What's wrong?, because the owner sees it is a good option for loggers.
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