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Offer our assistance in the implementation of the edging Board

We are a construction company Stroy Dom M. are Based in the city of Mozhaisk on Vokzalnaya D5. On the market we offer the services of building foundations, homes, cottages, bath-houses on different technologies including the frame, which in most cases. In addition, have a territory of 250m2 near the road which unites g Mozhaysk and several nearby villages and cottage settlements. There is a two-storey tent size 12*7. It is intended for the storage and sale of saw-timber of natural moisture. The second floor is reserved for the insulation. We also have a warehouse and shop. In the shop installed the grinding machine with the thicknesser, circular saw. We do wells, cabins, barns. During the construction season come many wealthy Muscovites! On the roads going on with the traffic and our expensive no exception. Looking for long term cooperation for the sale of the edging material. If You give me material for implementation, I can quickly implement it with a few sales. it will be sold on my market and on construction sites of our company. This year, we launched a major Internet advertising and already have a database of potential customers. Knauf insulation supplies us, which is very important for range. We are open and willing to negotiate. Head of supply division of Stroy Dom - M Stanislav +7 (963) 66-33-22-1
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