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Sold a full range of production of lumber

Sold a full range of production of lumber, the entire area and the equipment in the property.
Area 1.6 ha. all the equipment is working, i.e. is currently working railway. blind alley (driveway for 6 cars-on-delivery ) tower crane, support facilities for workers, and office building, heating, water, the planned volume of 160 m3 sawing of round timber per shift. The drying unit 2 of the drying chamber at 120 m3 each, new, installed and running in 2018 in the fall. Forklift diesel forklift, front Loader with bucket and forks. Disc lot/saws R-63 two units, in a stream edge/cutting disc, cutting machine.
A lot of places where you can build two more plants, or bunkhouse, you Can put additional equipment.
Location the town of Kansk in Krasnoyarsk Krai.

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