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Furniture Linden

Furniture and accessories made of wood for saunas, baths and gardens.
Can't imagine my life without Wellness treatments in the bath or sauna? For a long time looking for where you can buy environmentally friendly furniture for sauna? Don't want to work with intermediaries? Congratulations, you have found exactly what I was looking for! Welcome to the website of the manufacturer of furniture for baths and saunas.

What do we offer?

The entire range of our products is made of the most suitable for the bath wood – Linden. This tree species differs not only in its durability and practicality. Furniture for a bath of lime create a unique atmosphere in the bath, due to the aromatic and health properties.

Our online store offers its clients the most popular products for baths and saunas at affordable prices that are below market. We do not resell cheap furniture in a sauna with a large margin, and manufactures only quality products and work without Intrusive intermediaries.

Want something unusual and unconventional?

Have an idea, but no special skills to translate it into reality? We will help you! Our company has a well-coordinated team of professionals who will produce furniture to the bath individually. We will carefully listen to your wishes and offer options of a certain size, and weigh every little thing to finished furniture for sauna for your order was perfect.

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