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City: Bryansk, Bryansk region, Russia

Name: Sidorov Vladislav Aleksandrovich

Gender: Male

Age: 29 years

Category: Leaders

Education: higher

Education and specialty detailed: 2004 to 2009 - the highest (Bryansk engineering-technological Academy, forestry faculty) - forestry engineer

Standing (years): 5 years

Experience: Experience: 2011-2016 - specialist in forestry, forestry engineer, master of forest 1) organization of forestry production (selection of forest plots to rent, documentary support, control of taxation in forest management and making forest management plan), strategic and operational planning, logging, 2) selection of forest felling in accordance with the estimated cutting area of the leased area, the project of forest development and design economy, logging, 3) the Stakeout the boundaries of forest land (drainage of cutting areas), the definition of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of forests (inventory annual allowable cut), the composition of the assortment plan logging, 4) selection of sites for the implementation of forest contractors and forest rehabilitation and fire protection measures, monitoring their implementation, 5) document management (preparation of forest declarations, material and monetary valuation of the cutting area, preparation of routings for the development of cutting areas, acts of acceptance of forestry operations, other l/x documentation; correspondence with the competent authorities, etc.), 6) participation in the control of movement of timber, 7) proposals to staff for forestry production.

Job title: the head of the logging site

Expected salary: 60,000 ₽

Married: нет

With children: нет

International passport: нет

Extra info: About me: the level of knowledge of Federal laws, decrees of the government of the Russian Federation, other normative legal acts regulating relations in the sphere of forest management, forest management, forest protection, reforestation and fire protection; rules and norms of labor protection, safety engineering; the organization of forest management, principles of forestry, basics of plant physiology, soil science, surveying; standards administration; fundamentals of Economics and management. High level of proficiency in MS Office, knowledge of graphic programs, application programs in the field of forestry, the ability to prepare analytical reports, presentations. The ability to use the GPS Navigator, create thematic maps into a GPS Navigator.

Contact details:
8 930 840 51 75

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