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Equipment: Selling equipment №21617

June 9, 2021, 10:22 a.m. Views: 951

City: St. Petersburg, Leningrad region, Russia

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Type: Other


Price in rubles: 212,000

Single sawmill sawing papaveracea "DP" is used for sawing logs. Operates by electric motor powered from the mains 380 V/50 Hz. The cut is discs, carbide tipped and paring knives. They have no problems cutting hard, knotty, resinous logs with cracks and traces of dirt.
Due to the design characteristics of disk power-saw benches, the equipment necessary units and parts, lumber after sawing up railway sleepers, timber, bruski, boards is a flat, clean surface and perfect geometric quality. You can buy popularity the sawmill and to obtain a material of excellent quality.
Sawmill reliable and unpretentious. Equally efficient in conditions of the Siberian winter and hot summer. High performance equipment indicate the following technical specifications:
• motor power – 11 kW;
• the number of revolutions of the shaft of the saw per minute – 2630;
• The diameter of the circular saws EXT./EXT. (mm) – 500-550/50;
• maximum log diameter of 900 mm;
• the length of the log maximum is 6 m;
• cutting depth max – 2000 mm;
• the capacity is 8 – 10 CC/per shift.

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