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City: Oryol, Orel region, Russia

Organization name: Yip Chekhranov

Type: Lining

Wood species: Coniferous

Moisture content: The dry forest

Price per meter in rubles: 16500

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We SP "Chekhranov" (founded in 2005) specializiruetsya in manufacturing and wholesale sales. We offer high-quality products of own production Kostroma. The production is equipped with modern equipment, which is updated periodically. Highly qualified employees work and every year I try to make their products better.
The product photo will send on request.
Prices are negotiated depending on volume.

We will render services:
Gouging + packaging 3000 R CC
drying + process + packaging 4000 p CC

Contact details:
Chekhranov Yuri 8-926-605-7202
Chekhranov Maxim 8-915-296-3451,


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