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City: Borovichi, Novgorod region, Russia

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Type of business: Woodworking

Price in rubles: 40,000,000

Sell current wood production for the construction of log and frame houses, located at the address: Novgorod region, Borovichi, microdistrict. Expanse 2.Located in the city. The distance from Moscow 450 km, to St. Petersburg 320 km. All of the property not mortgaged, not encumbered by loans
and leasing. All the buildings are constructed of brick in 2010. Products:-sets of houses made of beams, glued beams, furniture panels, moulding. Windows, doors, stairs, etc. contracts for the supply of forest of coniferous and deciduous breeds. There is a website, database of loyal customers. Together with the production base also remain a professional team of 30человек. Surveillance, Internet, telephone, water, sewer, all the shops are heated with a boiler on wood. The territory is fenced. Included in the rate agreement forest for 49 years in the amount of 4,500 m3 per year until 2059.Contract forest land can sell separately.Good, business the woods 90% of the needles. Logging is 60 km away. the business Value of 40 000 000. Our lawyers provide comprehensive preparation for the implementation of all property, intellectual and legal production complex, will prepare a maximum number of documents to ensure complete absence of claims co the counterparties present owner. If you are interested in acquiring companies are ready to provide You any kind of excursion, meeting with co staff. Will consider any offers. Additional information will send upon request.
Equipment and machines:
1. Sliding panel saw JTSS-1600
2. Machine Gorbulina-Rebrovo gr-500 "Lesotekhnika" New
3. Line for cutting of housing СФ20-4P "Promtekhresurs"
4. Belt grinding machine with suction
5. End metado saw KGS 305
6. Milling machine c aspiration "Dnepropetrovsk machine-building plant"
7. Drill press RDM 1600 BN
8. Planer 400 mm
9. Mortising machine "Dnepropetrovsk machine-building plant"
10. Tape machine JBS-12
11. Vima press
12. Veining, 4 third-party AG U23
13. A thicknesser planer 600mm
14. End saw ST-1 "Savelovsky factory"
15. Line splice blanks "Lipetsk machine-tool plant"
16. Tenoning press SHS-6 "Lipetsk machine-tool plant"
17. Circular saw
18. Press 4 a third-party WITH-25-4A
19. Band sawmill ZBL-50 N
20. Band sawmill OSB-3
21. Cutting machine CG 10-4 production of Belarus
22. Of your exhaust system with a hopper 3 PCs at 15m3
23. Sharpener for band-saws with the wiring
24. Grinding machine for grinding mills "grinding machines Plant" Moscow
25. Machine for sharpening chain saws
1. Land plot of 1 Ha
2. Woodworking shop 611,2 m2
3. Warehouses, garage with the observation pit 9M and office building 679,6 m2
4. Sawmill 323.9 m m2
5. Drying chamber for 84.4 m2 and a camera 60 m3 – 2 PCs.
6. Boiler 65.2 m2 with wood, 1.5 MW
7. Electricity 200 kW
8. A shed of 300 m2
9. The workshop for production of prefabricated houses - 527,6 m2
1. The Lviv diesel forklift truck 5T-2 PCs.
2. Tractor MTZ-80
3. Tractor T-40-2pcs
4. Cart tractor 2ПТС-4 -4 PCs.
5. Fiskar on the chassis Ural 2 units
6. TDT-55-2pcs
7. UAZ farmer-1pc
8. UAZ-469-2pcs

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