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City: Kalyazin, Tver region, Russia. (also in regions of Russia (

Tula region
Kaluga region

Organization name: OOO "Pilotka"

Type of business: Wood production

Price in rubles: 1,600,000


For sale woodworking enterprise located in the Tver region, Kalyazin district, d. Poreche. The company is equipped with the latest machines, transmission type disc sawing, providing a perfect geometry of lumber with industrial production:
- Bronovil - Force 750m
- Mnogoe - Triumf 300
- Garbally - Grad 4m
- Mitre
For machine tools and equipment, providing automation of the production process:
Rack feeder/split logs
- Automatic transfer table
- Feed and receiving tables, roller tables.
- Equipment for packaging of lumber with a supply of consumables.
Diesel forklift Balkankar carrying capacity of 3.5 tonnes and lift height of 5.6 m.
All machines are connected into a single system of aspiration, bringing sawdust into the street into the hopper with the cyclone.
All machines are new.
There are two sets of MPI on each machine. Made additional spacers to megapel and gorbalenya machines that allow to cut any size boards. The machine is equipped with lasers for accurate and economical sawing.
Shop area of 200 sq. m. is leased. Rent shop 35T.R./months. Electricity 400 kW. The adjacent territory of 4 hectares. Electrics (cables, pads) paved new. There are water. Trailers for workers. Near the enterprise are major wholesale buyers of lumber. Buy a long Board and 6m, and 3M, and Palatka. The output of lumber will be good. All machines and equipment for machine tools, you can get a government subsidy in the amount of 30-50% of their value! All documents are available. Forest no problem!!! Contacts give. Hurry!!!

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