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City: sankt_peter, Russia

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Type: Other

Name: Dump truck MAZ 6501С9-8520-005

Year of manufacture: 2019

Price in rubles: 4,750,000

Wheel formula 6x4
Gross vehicle weight, kg 33500
Weight distribution front axle, kg 7500
The distribution of the total mass of the leading truck axles, kg 26000
Curb weight, kg 13425
Carrying capacity, kg 19500
Body volume, m3 20
Engine model YAMZ-653.10
Ecological norm Euro-5
Engine power, HP 420
Maximum torque, N*m(kg*cm) 1900 (194)
Model ZF gear box 16S2520TO
Transmission type mechanical
Number of gears KP 16
Gear ratio driving axle of 4.59
Tire size 12.00R20 or 315/80R22,5
Fuel tank, l 300
Maximum speed, km/h 85*
The platform is U-shaped with rear unloading
Type platform box
Cabin type large Snezkou roof restyling
Rear suspension spring-balance 26T
Brake system with ABS

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Sept. 9, 2019, 12:03 p.m.