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City: Korolev, Moscow region, Russia

Organization name: RA

TIN: 330604009395

Type of service: Setting Yandex Direct

Cost in rubles: 35000

We offer set-up and management of advertising in Yandex.Direct to all participants of the forest industry on the whole territory of the Russian Federation. Advertising targetrule on the desired regions.
Have experience with wholesale and retail companies in the timber industry as well as manufacturers and companies that provide services for them:
- production and sale of sawn timber in stock;
- the production and sale of pellets and briquettes;
- selling and maintenance of sawmill equipment;
- construction of wooden houses and baths;
- manufacture and sale of molded products;
- transportation and logistics;
- sale and service of machinery;
- and much more.

Total service costs 35 000 rubles/month:
Account management in Yandex.Direct is 15 000 rubles per month + budget of 20 000 rubles for clicks in a month. Payment for maintenance can be done at the expense of the legal persons or on the card of Sberbank on account Yandex.Direct budget can be made by Bank transfer or card online.

It is important that getting a new customer 1 time you can cooperate with him for many more years.

As custom:
1. Advertising will start within 3-12 hours after receipt of payment.
2. For each keyword create your ad.
3. Use the maximum number of fields in the ad that it occupies a large area and was more notable headlines, quick links, updates, contact details, photos for the banner, live chat.
4. Include ads in search results on top positions.
5. Include a banner, which catches up with relevant users on other sites, for example on the main page of Yandex, Avito, and others)
6. Custom retargeting banner, which catches the customers visiting the website and making key action.
7. Include look-alike, i.e. a banner to users who are have the same classroom portrait like those people that you have bought/ordered a product or service.

Call us! ALL of our customers received new customers in cooperation with us.

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