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Equipment: House-building line with CNC 5-axis Uniteam Ultra №44597

Nov. 26, 2021, 11:19 a.m. Views: 70

City: Minsk, Belarus

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Type: Sawmill equipment:other

Equipment name: House-building line with CNC 5-axis Uniteam Ultra

Price: 95,146.56 €

House-building line with CNC five-axis Uniteam Ultra. The year of release is 2007.
A powerful five-axis CNC Ultra center for the production of absolutely any details of a wooden house, including bay window elements and rafter structures of any complexity.
The beam and beams are loaded into the center automatically, and are based on 4 calipers. Further, the workpiece is blocked and remains clamped on the calipers until the end of processing. The calipers move along the bed, pushing the beam along the working nodes. If necessary, the calipers can intercept the workpiece, making it possible to process the entire surface of the beam.
The advantage of such a system over conventional feeding on the table is absolute accuracy and high speed of movement, since the beam after the first basing is never released until the end of processing. The system also makes it possible to process bent glued beams up to 18 meters long and a rounded log, which is impossible when serving on the table.
For the production of roof structures, the center is equipped with an electrospindle — this is a universal five-axis unit that works alternately with different tools to perform various tasks: a circular saw for cutting a long bar into blanks of the desired length, producing all kinds of oblique and curly saws, longitudinal sawing; end mills and drills for milling curly elements and drilling; attachment cutters for milling crown grooves (cups) at right angles or inclined and other operations. Tool change is automatic, computer controlled.
The center is equipped with two electric spindles to increase productivity. The first spindle usually works only with a saw, and the second with various cutters and drills, changing them automatically. The increase in productivity is achieved by reducing the time to change the tool, in addition, both spindles can work with the workpiece simultaneously.
The maximum equipment of the Ultra center is two electric spindles, and a separate group of "Block house" (for milling cups). In this case, the electric spindles work in the same way as described above — one only with a saw, the second with a milling tool. The Block-house group consists of a vertical block with two cutters, and a horizontal block with two cutters. The principle of operation of the Block-house group resembles a conventional Blox cup-cutting machine, only it works much faster due to high-speed movements of the cutting tool and rapid positioning of the beam. An electrospindle can process a large cross-section or mill cups at an indirect angle.
The Ultra center has a convenient and intuitive computer control with many loading and visualization functions.
97,000 euros BARGAIN.
The cost of a new such line starts from 650,000 euros.

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