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Machines: Selling machines №45174

Nov. 16, 2022, 9:21 a.m. Views: 309

City: Perm, Perm Krai, Russia.

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1. The Republic Of Tatarstan
2. Irkutsk region

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Type: Timber

Name: Sorting truck KAMAZ 43118 -RS Euro-5 with hydraulic manipulator VM10L74RX38

Year of manufacture: 2022

Price: 188,408.12 €

A sorting truck with a reinforced frame, with a sleeping bag, a wheelbase of 4600mm, on a KAMAZ 43118 RS Euro5 chassis with a VM10L hydraulic manipulator. new 2022 .
Internal combustion engine ISL360.50, with a capacity of 360ls Bosch fuel pump. gearbox ZF16.
the cabin is restyled, there is a sleeping bag. pzhd, mkb, mob, dzk.
The diesel-c Kirovskaya platform. It consists of a ladder
-type superframe, four pairs of "euro cones" on a bolted mount, a reinforced front shield, a full floor covering, and a reinforcement of the superframe in the rear for mounting on it CMU.
the ladder type consists of two longitudinal spars connected by crossbars, in the rear of the frame there are two cheeks for attaching the frame to the car frame in the area of the CMU installation. Euro equestrians. made of high-strength Swedish steel STRENX, the internal dimensions of the cones are width 2300mm, the internal height of the cone is 2300mm, the lower cross-section of the cone is 140x100x6mm, the vertical pillars of the Euroconica are of variable cross-section, the lower is wider and to the top of the cone there is a decrease in the height of the section of the cone (105-80x100x6mm). Material konika sheet high-strength steel STRENX. The mounting of the cone to the stretcher is made on detachable brackets, on a bolted connection. Winches with a rope for securing cargo are installed on the second and fourth cones from the front shield.
The front shield is quick-detachable reinforced; the frame is made of bent profiles, the thickness of the sheet steel used is 4 mm, the vertical bearing racks of the front shield are made of sheet steel 6mm, the panel of the front shield is profiled, the thickness of the sheet is 4 mm, a trap for the CMU forest capture is installed on the front shield in the upper part. The flooring is solid, sheet steel "lentil" 3 mm.
the velmash VM10L8 hydraulic manipulator.
The load moment is 100 knm. The maximum boom reach is 7400 mm. G/n on departure 3 m 3100 kg. G/n on MAX departure 1350 kg.
price incl. VAT. leasing delivery is possible.
available at the SDM service site in Perm.

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