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City: Velikie Luki, Pskov region, Russia

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Type: Timber

Name: Semi-trailer - sorting truck type PT-24L (reinforced)

Year of manufacture: 2022

Price: 38,893.98 $

Semi-trailer - sorting truck type PT-24L (reinforced) (Adapted for operation with a 2-, 3-axle tractor on a spring or pneumatic suspension according to ISO 1726).
Manufacturer: Joint Stock Company "Velikoluksky Experimental Machine-Building Plant".
1. Technical specifications.
1.1 Vehicle category O4
1.2 Maximum gross weight, kg 44 000
1.3 Curb weight of the chassis (in the basic configuration), kg 7,300
1.4 The load on the SSU is permissible, kg 17,000
1.5 Permissible axle load, kg 27 000
1.6 Overall length, mm 13,620
1.7 Overall width, mm 2,550
1.8 Overall height, mm 4,000
1.9 Height of the hitch (H), mm 1,300
1.10 Loading height along the spars, mm 1,510
1.11 Center distance, mm 1,310
1.12 Spring track, mm 1,300
1.13 Wheel track, mm 2,040
2. Technical description.
2.1 Chassis design
2.1.1 Reinforced chassis consisting of two longitudinal I-beam spars (bearing strips are made of high-carbon steel) connected by transverse beams (for difficult road conditions).
2.1.2 The frame structure is made of high-strength carbon steel operating in a temperature range from -70 ° C to +80 ° C;
2.1.3 Support device JOST/SAF/BPW (Germany) with a load capacity of 24 tons with control on the right;
2.1.4 JOST/SAF (Germany) 2-inch pin in accordance with UNECE Regulation No. 55.00, located according to ISO 1726;
2.1.5 2 anti-rollback stops (shoes);
2.1.6 Reinforced basket for fixing 2 spare wheels (welded), including 2
holders - 1 unit;
2.1.7 Side aluminum anti–roll protection SUER (Germany), made according to UNECE Regulation No. 73.00, with STEELBEAR advertising;
2.1.8 Rear protective device, in the form of a whole transverse pipe 120x120x6, with the possibility of lifting/lowering, made according to UNECE Regulation No. 58.01, with a full-width mudguard with advertising
2.1.9 The folding brackets for mounting the rear lights are raised to the level of the frame;
2.1.10 The license plate mount is integrated into the rear channel of the frame;
2.1.11 Registration number frame with STEELBEAR logo;
2.1.12 Metal tool box with stainless steel lid and lockable lock;
2.1.13 Two hooks in the rear of the semi-trailer;
2.2 Axial unit.
2.2.1 3-axis axial unit SAF S9-4218 (Germany), SNK4218 drum brake, reinforced off-road version (CD-CUSTOM DESIGN version), round axial beam for roads in Russia and the CIS with a lateral slope. The permissible load on each axle is 9000 kg;
2.2.2 Reinforced air suspension SAF INTRA IU31/3505 31 (Germany) (350 mm diameter cushions) with lifting/lowering capability;
2.2.3 Reinforced shock absorbers (red CD);
2.2.4 Plastic half-wings in front of the first and behind the third axes;
2.2.5 Reinforced fastening of half-wings;
2.2.6 Solid wing over all wheels made of corrugated aluminum "Quintet";
2.2.7 A pair of ANTI-SPRAY mudguards with the STEELBEAR logo behind the rear axle;
2.3 Wheels and tires.
2.3.1 Wheel assembly 7 pcs. (incl. 1 spare);
2.3.2 CORDIANT PROFESSIONAL tires with dimension 385/65R22.5;
2.3.3 Steel discs JANTSA/ACCURIDE 22.5x11.75 ET0.
2.4 Brake system.
2.4.1 Pneumatic brake system WABCO EBS/ABS (Germany);
2.4.2 Pressure gauge displaying the pressure in the air suspension to obtain information about the load on the axial units;
2.4.3 Metal protection of the lifting/lowering crane of the platform;
2.4.4 ABS sensors on the second axis;
2.4.5 ALUMINUM/METAL air receivers for air suspension and brakes;
2.4.6 Membrane type brake chambers;
2.4.7 Parking brake system of semi-automatic type with spring energy accumulators on the second and third axles;
2.4.8 Two pneumatic connection heads (supply and control);
2.4.9 ABS socket according to ISO7638 (without connecting cables to the tractor);
2.5 Electrical equipment.
2.5.1 Electrical equipment ASPOECK/HELLA/ERMAX-BPW (Germany) in explosion-proof HYBRID design. The cable and connectors are reliably protected from chemical and thermal effects, with a mains voltage of 24 volts.
2.5.2 Central 8-core cable with cross section: 6x1.5 mm and 2x2.5 mm;
2.5.3 Front marker lamps of white light (with metal protection around the perimeter) – 2 pcs. (diode);
2.5.4 Overall side lights, installed in an I–beam (with metal protection around the perimeter) - 8 pcs. (diode);
2.5.5 License plate lights – 1 pc.
2.5.6 Two working lights at the rear, connected to the reversing lights (diode);
2.5.7 Five–chamber taillights with reflectors - 2 pcs. (stop and marker lights – diode);
2.5.8 Contour taillights in rubber casings – 2 pcs. (diode);
2.5.9 Seven–pole connectors - 2 pcs. (without connecting cables to the tractor);
2.5.10 Fifteen-pole connector for electrical connection (without connecting cable to the tractor);
2.5.11 Two additional working lights behind the support legs are connected to the reversing lights (diode).
2.6 Conics

2.7.1 6 fastenings for tightening the load are rigidly mounted on the frame;
2.7.2 The fastening mechanism is made in the form of a winch (mounted on bolts);
2.7.3 6 straps for mounting the assortment;
2.7.4 The mechanism of fixing the belt with a rope (for convenient release of the forest from the tightened belts) – 6 pcs . (mounted on bolts);
2.8 Front wall
2.8.1 Front COLLAPSIBLE perforated steel wall made of high-alloy steel;
2.8.2 Fixing the wall with precision bolts;
2.8.3 The inner surface of the front wall is in the same plane, without protrusions;
2.8.4 Two bar hooks on the front wall, for tying the rope;
2.8.5 Metal ladder on the front wall;
2.8.6 Attachment for crowbar and shovel on the front wall;
2.8.7 Two additional working lights on the front wall, connected to fog
lights (diode).
2.9 Flooring
2.9.1 Made of laminated multilayer birch plywood, corrugated surface;
2.10 Additionally
2.10.1 Mounting (for tightening the load attachment);
2.10.2 Axle cap key;
2.10.3 Axle hub key;
2.10.4 Balloon key;
2.11 Painting.
2.11.1 Preparation of steel surfaces by the shot blasting method to the degree of Sa 2 ½;
2.11.2 Painting of the chassis with a two-component ACRYLIC system used for painting products in the AUTOMOTIVE industry with preliminary
application of a two-component anticorrosive zinc-containing primer protecting the frame from "sublayer" corrosion;
2.11.3 Chassis color BLACK (RAL 9005);
2.11.4 Side protection without painting (aluminum);
2.11.5 Rear protective device in silver color/in the color of the chassis;
2.11.6 The wheels are silver-gray.
2.12 Marking
2.12.1 Partial retroreflective marking in accordance with the ECE Directive R48, yellow on the side and rear.

The price per unit of the product in the above configuration is 3,562,000 rubles (incl. VAT 20% and recycling fee).
Quantity: 1 unit.
Delivery time:
Within 30 working days from the date of receipt of the prepayment.
Payment terms:
30%- prepayment after signing the delivery contract; 70% - Payment when ready for shipment.

Steelbear semi-trailers are certified by the State Standard of the Russian Federation in accordance with the latest UNECE regulations.

-the warranty period for the semi–trailer is 24 months from the date of sale;
- the guarantee against through corrosion on metal is 10 years.

After-sales service:
Warranty and post-warranty maintenance is carried out at the plant of JSC "VOMZ" and at the stations of the plant's service partners. By mutual agreement, other options are possible.

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