In Russia since 2013, the system will work on the accounting of the forest Fund

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In Russia since 2013, the system will work on the accounting of the forest Fund

The oaks will be in the registry

“Black loggers” deprive

From next year the country needs to earn forest register is a unified information system that will allow accurate accounting of the forest Fund, said the head of Rosleskhoz Viktor Maslyakov met with representatives of the forest industry of the southern Federal district, which took place in Rostov-on-don.
Ideally, the system should contribute to and combat fires, and illegal logging.

The essence of the system lies in the fact that the primary documents which record the events in the woods, whether it be fires, logging, planting new trees plan to register and make a single state system.

Information will be collected in the forest, then she will fall into regional patterns, and then to the Federal level.

It is important that the figures made by the region in the electronic system, the FFA will be considered official. And, if then in the region you want to change the statements, one would have to justify why adjustments are made. And it's not easy.

“All information must be accurate. It is necessary now to ask the attorney General to ensure that we have in this area was more power,” said Viktor Maslyakov.
It should be noted that for a strict accounting of the forest and fight illegal logging also developed a draft law on state regulation of the timber trade, prepared by the FFA.

This document was approved by the government of the previous composition and for the past six months is being discussed on various discussion sites. The bill supports a number of agencies, including the Federal customs service, but specific volitional decisions until the case came.

Meanwhile, from March next year to enter into force new EU timber regulation, according to which Russian forest exporters will have to document the legality of wood origin. Therefore electronic records, as the law on state regulation of turnover of roundwood, the industry is extremely necessary. Experts believe that this will only facilitate the work of the Russian business.

Along with this it is planned to continue work on restoration of woods. By the end of this year the FFA plans to open three new breeding and genetic center, allowing for fast-track technologies to grow young trees of valuable species.

“Given the centers that you have previously opened, next year we will be able to grow 50 million seedlings is oak, fir, pine,” - said Viktor Maslyakov.

Giving a preliminary assessment of the management of forests in the regions this year, the head of the Federal forestry Agency also noted that the southern Federal district pays the most attention of the industry. This work is assessed and the amount of money in addition to Federal funding to allocate. Best in this sense look Rostov, Krasnodar, Volgograd region. The difficult situation in Astrakhan. According to representatives of the Federal forestry Agency, forestry development from the regional budget has allocated only a little more than 300 thousand rubles.

By the way

According to the Federal customs service, through the Russian-Chinese border last year were exported over 11 million tons of softwood.

For the first half of 2012 the figure was 4.5 million tons. Through the Russian-Finnish border in 2011 was about three million tons of wood, and for the first six months of this year, more than 1 million 100 thousand tons.

Source: RG (Federal issue) N5938 November 16, 2012
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