Paid services

The package "Maximum return" is the most effective tool!
Price - 9000 rubles per month
Banner advertising portal.
Cost - from 1500 rubles a month
(10 000 - 60 000 hits per month)
Pin ad above other ads.
Cost - 399 rubles per month
(increase number of hits in 20 - 30 times)
Выделить объявление жирным Highlighting ads with bold type and shading in the search results.
The cost is 99 rubles per month
(increase number of hits in 5 - 10 times)
Additional regions. Add the regions with which we cooperate, then your ad will be displayed when you filter for these regions.
The cost of one region - 50 rubles. for 3 months
(expansion announcement)
Subscribe for new ads for required parameters. Save time! Receive email notifications about important announcements.
The cost of one alert - 10 rubles.
Search counter-ads for the mediation.
Cost - 300 rubles per 1 month.
Review of counterparty in the system "circuit.the focus". Quick review of counterparties by egrip/incorporation, arbitration cases, bankruptcy information, state contracts, debts...
Price - 16000 rubles per year (free demo version)



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