Forester may authorize the use of firearms

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Forester may authorize the use of firearms

Grabbed the trunk

Forester will be allowed to use firearms

The idea is to allow a Forester to carry firearms close to a specific embodiment.
“The relevant regulations agreed with almost all public authorities, including the interior Ministry, which has authority in the sphere of turnover of weapon. Now the documents handed over to the Ministry of environment, after they arrive on the coordination in the government”, - said “RG” head of state forest control of the Federal forestry Agency Ivan Valentine at a national conference on forest surveillance, which was held in Rostov.

The possession, carrying and application of special funds, including hunting and service weapons, provided by the Forest code. But at the level of government regulations already established a regulatory framework allowing Forester to apply rubber sticks, batons, handcuffs, means of a compulsory stop of transport. It is also allowed to use dogs.

When will give the good and the weapons have to be equipped with special weapons room for Rangers. Until they are three or four regions, such as Dagestan and Chechnya. “On average, one region to the opening of the weapons locker needs about 5 million rubles. Of course, in the subjects I want to allocated Federal money,” said Ivan Valentine.

In his opinion, to hand out “guns” all the while not necessarily a Forester. A weapon inspector may apply in case of threat to life. In this regard the special need Rangers in disadvantaged areas.

Summing up the preliminary results of this year in forest supervision, representatives of the Federal forestry Agency noted that the protection worked differently. After all, powers to manage forests transferred to the regions, respectively, each subject refers to this different attention. Among the leaders of the Rostov and Volgograd regions, the Krasnodar territory. They identify up to 98 percent of the violations. But there are regions in which per inspector per year account for only few cases.

Another indicator is the amount of money allocated from the regional budget in addition to what is spent from the Federal budget of the forest. “The same Rostov and Volgograd regions and Krasnodar territory are one of the leaders in Russia in terms of co-financing with a relatively small forest area,” said Peter Kostanich, head of the Department of forestry for the southern Federal district. However, in this district there are problems. One of them is the shortage of nurseries. It is still unclear who is responsible for them. “In the Volgograd region we do not plan to restore forests, because of lack of planting material. I would like to note that the program of creation of selection and genetic centres on the cultivation of seedlings with closed root system, implemented by FFA, are very important. It's a good thing. But for the South with little need for reforestation nurseries need,” explained Peter Kostanich.

By the way

It was decided that the FFA meeting will develop and send to the Ministry of environment and the Ministry of economic development of offers on perfection of system of the Federal state forest supervision.

Source: RG (Federal issue) N5939 from November 19, 2012
Translated by «Yandex.Translator»