Delivery of Shabozov from Europe. New and used.

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Delivery of Shabozov from Europe. New and used.

We invite You to consider the delivery of universal trailers with a hydraulic flooring system for the transportation of various bulk and packaged goods.

Our company is the representatives of the Dutch manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers with hydraulic moving floors horizontal loading and unloading "KRAKER TRAILERS".

These semi-trailers used in the transportation of various bulk Packed, paketirovannykh cargo (carries bulk cargo, Packed back). etc.

The scope is very wide;
1. Woodworking course: waste sawing-slab, sawdust, shavings, wood chips, sawn timber, particleboard, plywood, paper, fuel granules (pellets).
2. Agriculture: meal, hay, feed, manure, peat, seeds, grain, straw, fertilizers, vegetables (beets, apples, carrots, corn, potatoes, etc.) garden soil, etc.
3. Transportation of construction materials: concrete, limestone, various gaskets, foam, penoplen, glass wool, foam blocks on pallets, construction debris, PVC pipes.
4. Industrial area: the rolled wire in coils, cable scrap, metal scrap fines, shavings, parings, scrap volume metalicheskiy, roofing iron, compressed cars, aluminium profile and pipe.
5. Transportation of bulky garbage (garbage collection to the sorting and processing of waste): waste polyethylene, aluminum cans, broken glass, waste paper, rags, etc. In the opposite direction taking all the same, only packaged and Packed in bales, big bags, bales Packed on pallets, etc. to the place of final processing.

As rubbish almost everywhere, and the processing plants are in remote locations, a transport volume at a decent distance of 150-200 km, and to reduce transportation costs, make use of these trailers.

That's not a complete list of possible cargo: wood shavings, sawdust, bark, wood, garden soil, peat, clay, podzol, straw, straw in bales, corn, grain, potato, carrot, tapioca, powdered milk, coffee beans, soybeans, alfalfa, sugar beet and pulp, food for birds, manure, mineral fertilizers, salt, limestone, coal, waste paper, paper rolls, aluminium (waste), domestic waste, Luggage (roll bags), large packaging, pallets, waste from slaughterhouses, putrid sludge (sewage), fresh rolls, etc.

The advantages of semi-trailers with a moving floor:

- The volume. The standard semitrailer has a 92 m3, option 80-100 m3 optional.
- Own weight. Own weight of such trailers is 7-8 tons, with full allowed mass of 38 t (42 t technically possible).
- Unloading. Because the floors are moving in a horizontal plane, a semi-trailer with movable floors unlike for example the truck can be discharged on any surface under any climatic conditions.
- Enclosed spaces. To be discharged in various indoor locations where ceiling height below 4 m.
- Speed. Complete unloading of the trailer takes place within approximately 15 minutes, through the simple press of a button, the driver can control the unloading process from any convenient place through remote control.
- Multifunctionality. Possible loading of return cargo. Download is due to the return stroke of the movable floor.
- Additional features. It is possible to manufacture polupritsepa of different size, seat height, side gates for side loading, steel floor rack(heavy metal scrap), manufacturing container-deposada for container ship, etc.

Our website: www.щеповоз.рф

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