House of the profiled bar of natural humidity

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House of the profiled bar of natural humidity

Profiled bar of natural humidity

Profiled bar of natural humidity in the installation is much easier than rectangular. The fact that at the ends of such bars are made of recesses and hollows, so that the seams when laying just will not have the house is assembled from the parts of children's designer.

Thus, time, effort and money to grouting waste is not necessary, the process of frame construction takes less time.

But cracks are inevitable – dry profiled timber continues to dry even after the erection of the frame – exactly the same as the rectangular beam.

House of the profiled bars not sheathe the outside (due to the presence of the wall profiles are completely airtight) – but then it requires grinding, impregnation with various antiseptic compositions and coloring.

These shortcomings deprived of glulam, produced at the time a real revolution in the wooden construction.

This timber is manufactured using precision engineering equipment: first the logs are cut into slats that are drying (to 8%), and then the slats are aligned with respect to the direction of the wood fibers and glued with each other.

Is extremely durable, resistant to deformation and easy to install design. However, due to the complexity of manufacturing the laminated veneer lumber price is almost twice that of the bar of natural moisture. But to overpay for good reason.

Timber houses are extremely durable, never crack and look as if just built.

For the houses from glued beams not the rule of "wait a year, then enter" because they are not subject to shrinkage.

In addition, no longer under production of glued laminated timber treated with antiseptic impregnation, flame retardants and other chemicals with the prefix "anti -" protecting your home from adverse environmental factors and disasters.

House of the profiled bars, as a rule, it is necessary to process already after the construction of the buildings themselves – and it does not offer the same quality, as the treatment with the same compositions under industrial conditions.

It turns out that if for baths and small cottages seasonal living lumber of natural moisture content is acceptable, substantial and durable construction, and which want to see your home most owners, the only option is still glued laminated timber.

No wonder it is used as the standard of construction of wooden houses in Europe.

The wooden houses were perhaps the first buildings that people have started to use for shelter (caves of primitive men and Palapa huts we not accept). They retained their popularity after the Millennium.

And the emergence of new technologies in construction that transforms the tedious construction of a home in an easy and pleasurable experience, will allow wood to retain its popularity and continue!

The company “Russian Forest”
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House of the profiled bar of natural humidity

Good evening! I would like to know how much square meters one-storey houses from profiled bars? and glued?
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Герметизация, шлифовка, покраска срубов


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House of the profiled bar of natural humidity

Hello! And answer still, when shrinkage and the shrinkage of the house shaped timber does not turn out? Wall subsequently it sticks out?
And post pictures of completed houses that you collected.
Thank you
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House of the profiled bar of natural humidity

If You are only going to build a house, I do not advise to stop the choice on profiled timber. Profiled timber is made of timber, which give a certain form. It has a smooth surface and the walls are smooth and beautiful, while possessing excellent insulation properties. But this timber may warp from shrinkage so the walls You have to wait a year. Laminated veneer lumber made from glued between the boards. It does not warp, does not lose its properties, is durable, not subject to shrinkage. It costs a bit more shaped, but in this case You pay for the quality. I recommend to contact the construction company a difference which has its own production of environmentally friendly materials, the integrity of glued laminated timber.
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