The government approved a new forestry programme

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The government approved a new forestry programme

The government approved a new forestry programme

The government of Russia has accepted the Ministry of Russia developed the state program “Development of forestry” for 2013-2020.
According to the Minister of natural resources and environment Minister Sergei Donskoi, “the programme aims at improving the efficiency of use, conservation, protection and reproduction of forests, ensuring the stable satisfaction of social requirements and useful properties of forests for guaranteed preservation of their resource-ecological potential”.

Total funding for the program is 525 billion 800 million rubles. It is aimed at increasing the profitability of forest management, including the creation of conditions for the development of low-value forests in areas with developed transport infrastructure. The document covers the whole range of forestry issues and consists of four supporting subroutines. The purpose of the first sub-programme “protection of forests” is the maximum reduction and prevention of losses of forest resources. Including at the expense of effective prevention and timely suppression of forest fires, protection of forests against pests, prevention of illegal logging.

The second subprogramme “Provision of forest use” is aimed at creating conditions for rational and intensive forest use while preserving its environmental functions and biological diversity. As a result the volume of timber is expected to increase by more than 100 million cubic meters by 2020.

The aim of the subprogram “Reproduction of forests” - balance of disposal and recovery of forests, increasing their productivity and quality. According to Sergey Donskoy, by 2020, the Ministry plans to conduct annual restoration works on the area of about 1 million hectares is planned creation of forestry crops with improved hereditary properties.

Subprogram “Provision of realization of the state program of the Russian Federation ”forestry Development“ for 2013-2020” aimed at increasing the efficiency of forest management. The bulk of the money provided for this subprogramme, will focus on the contents of forest protection, state authorities of constituent entities performing the function of state management of forests. It also includes the creation on the basis of St. Petersburg and the far Eastern forestry research Institute of innovation centers that will coordinate and implementation of modern products and technologies in the field of forestry.

Source: Internet portal “Russian Newspaper” December 8, 2012
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