Income from forest use will increase by 40%

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Income from forest use will increase by 40%

Income from forest use will increase by 40%

At the meeting of the Public Council at the Ministry of natural resources, the head of the Agency, Sergey Donskoy, said: "Thanks to the reforms undertaken in the field of forestry, by 2020 the revenues of the Federal Treasury and the regional budgets from forestry should increase by 40% per 1 ha of forest land".

The beginning of a comprehensive reform of the basic directions of activity: forest management, katapoliani, Hydrometeorology, environment protection and subsoil use, was for agencies the main outcome of the year.

Don noted that this year the Ministry of environment has been very fruitful and protivity, as evidenced by the number of developed and approved bills (for the last six months the Government has introduced 7 bills ), as well as the scale of the problems that have been solved.

With the help of modern methods of forest recovery, forest fire and illegal logging, the active use of public-private partnership in various fields of timber industry complex are planned to increase productivity of the so-called "secondary forests". All this will contribute to the transition from extensive to intensive model of forest management.
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