On the development of forestry of Russia will spend half a trillion rubles

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On the development of forestry of Russia will spend half a trillion rubles

Not cut down with an ax

Finally, the forestry of the country have the opportunity to develop long-term state program. This means that in the coming years, the industry will receive a significant budgetary and investment and a clear plan of action, as a result of which our country could justly call themselves “forest” power and the level of reforestation, and the volume of wood processing. Because, unfortunately, in the world trade of products of timber processing Russia occupies the last place among countries such as Canada, Sweden, Finland, USA. For example, every year such a small country as Finland sells wood products to 22 billion dollars, and Russia-only 12.
It is also important that with 2013 will come into force new rules for harvesting and timber exports, and it raises questions among businesses. But environmentalists, for example, concerned with the conservation of rare species of animals. And after a recent incident with the “Russian Breivik” the public spoke about the need to ban free sale of hunting weapons.

The RG discussed with the Deputy Minister of natural resources and ecology Vladimir Lebedev. But we started, of course, with holiday themes.

Not far off the New year. Environmentalists often talk about the need to put artificial and not real Christmas trees. What is your opinion?

Vladimir Lebedev:
don't want to impose my opinion, but in my family we celebrate Christmas with a natural tree. And I and the others who love the forest, it is important that the trees were harvested legally and correctly.

For example, in accordance with the draft state programme of forestry development, it is planned to conduct forest thinning and lightening of clearings in young stands, the objective of which is cleaning damaged and stunted trees.

Also Christmas trees can be harvested during the clearing of protected zones of linear objects of energy and transport. And, finally, across the country, created thousands of hectares of plantation forests that are growing Christmas trees. In such cases, the felling of fir trees will not damage our forests.

Written with a pen

Vladimir Albertovich, expand the details of the project of the State program of forestry development until 2020.

Vladimir Lebedev:
a forest is associated With the lives of countless people in our country. It's hunting, gathering of mushrooms, berries, recreation. Consequently, the draft programme aroused great interest from experts of the Open Government. Discussion of connected scientists, the public, business. The Ministry of the environment established a working group, which was engaged in the revision of this document.

The programme consists of four subprogrammes. They relate to the conservation and protection of forests, their reproduction, to ensure that forests and ensure the implementation of the state program. Routines include 17 major activities implemented at Federal and regional levels. The effectiveness of the implementation of routines is measured using 38 indicators.

Prescribed and the outcomes we want to achieve through the implementation of the state program by 2020. For example, planned to reduce the share of large forest fires more than doubled, to increase the detectability of violations of the forest legislation of almost 85 percent, a third to increase the area covered by the system of forest management, to ensure a positive balance of disposal and reforestation. And these are just some of the planned results.

How much money will be allocated according to the state program in the next eight years?

Vladimir Lebedev:
Total funding amounts to 525 billion rubles. The Federal budget earmarked 265 billion from non-budgetary sources 193 billion from regional budgets 67 billion. Money will be allocated in stages. The program is divided into three periods.

However, I note that to increase the efficiency of the implementation of the state program required another 53 billion rubles. For example, in 2011 and 2012 was allocated 3.5 billion roubles for the purchase of new equipment for fighting forest fires. In the future, the allocation of funds is not provided, but in a good way, the same amount must be allocated for the next three years. In addition, the necessary additional funds for the development of burned areas, reforestation and plantations affected by pests and diseases. Need money for valuation (determination of quantity and quality of forests, their state - Ed.) also additional financial resources requires the formulation of forest land in the cadastre.

Further into the forest less wood

What is the situation with the adoption of the law on state regulation of turnover of roundwood, which is to prevent illegal logging and illegal timber export?

Vladimir Lebedev:
Now the draft law was approved by the Federal Executive authorities. But it has some issues. Why is there a majority of them, in General, of course. At each stage of the implementation of the activities envisaged in the law created difficulties for the loggers, Industrialists. But this law will definitely need if we want to have data about the origin, the bridge, the movement of the wood. In addition, the law required with the new Irregularmente, which will enter into force in March 2013. The regulations shall prohibit access of illegally harvested timber to European markets. To export only those products, the production of which can be documented.

By the way, in Russia there are businesses, mainly large, which was to pursue certification of their forest land privately, without waiting for the entry rules. Now our task is to be prepared for that small and medium enterprises.

It is obvious that illegal logging should not be impeded by only one law. As you can't put the fire budget money. Practices must ensure responsible people on the ground. What issues are there?

Vladimir Lebedev:
Today in the lease are not more than 20 per cent of the forests. There are who ask questions, have someone to care for forests. But the remaining 80 percent of forest land is not given adequate attention. After all, recent reforms in the forestry sector has led to the fact that the number of forest protection fell from 80 to 18 thousand people. And it was the foresters and foresters oversee the implementation of fire prevention measures, reforestation. Now their task is to monitor tenants.

This does not mean that we should mindlessly seek to measure 80 thousand people. After all, there are technologies which essentially ease the work of people. Now under remote monitoring, operate a video camera that can detect the same fire. But the state foresters in the country, of course, should be increased. And this work should be carried out in the regions. If you effectively use the resources that are sent by the Federation to make it possible. The regions, which transferred authority to manage forests, must understand that they are the main players in this field. They are responsible practically for everything.

You can call it that, in which regions forests managed well and which poorly?

Vladimir Lebedev:
Well working in the Irkutsk region, Arkhangelsk and Vologda regions, in the Altai region, in the Komi Republic and in some other regions. There the forest sector makes a significant contribution to the regional GDP.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the Far East, which focus not on the export of “logs”, and not intended for deep processing of wood on site.

It is clear that the Forester work is not easy, especially in the regions with large volumes of illegal timber. Talked about the fact that the Forester will be allowed to carry firearms.

Vladimir Lebedev:
We had a meeting of the Ministry of internal Affairs, Federal forestry Agency, agreed on all points. The corresponding decree of the Government of the Russian Federation on military weapons forest service prepared. I have no doubt that it will be accepted. Now the document is being approved by Foevah.

After a recent incident with the “Russian Breivik” when a young lawyer was shot seven of his colleagues, many spoke of the need to limit the free sale of hunting rifles.

Vladimir Lebedev:
If you look at the statistics, most domestic crimes are committed using kitchen knives. But this does not mean that the country should ban their sale.

In Russia there is a system of obtaining, storing and use of hunting weapons. That's why it would need to seriously think about the responsibility of people who subscribed to help this guy.

Hunters are absolutely adequate people who are very careful and responsible with a weapon. And impose restrictions that the five millionth community of our country is wrong and absurd. By the way, before a condition of membership in a hunting society have the experience and the availability of recommendations at least two people. We need to think about the return of such a rule in the law.

Tiger, leopard, polar bear. Who's next?

The Ministry of environment prepared a draft strategy for the conservation of rare and endangered species of animals. Criticized and environmentalists, and hunters. The latter worried that the strategy envisages the implementation of the agreement on the conservation of African-Eurasian migratory waterbirds. It turns out the spring hunt can prevent them?

Vladimir Lebedev:
In preparing this strategy, we primarily relied on the so-called flagship species. They include tiger, leopard, polar bear. We also understand that the well-being of predators depends on the condition of species on which they feed. This deer, ROE deer, wild boar. Now, for the second category in the response of hunting. The basis of their economic activity - abundance of hunting species of animals. And these animals, in turn, feed on rare birds of prey. Therefore, the hunting industry activity depends on the preservation of many rare species of animals.

Another important issue is the protection of the animal world. Without the knowledge of workers of the hunting is futile. After all, rare beasts, which we want to preserve, know no borders. Where the reserve, where the hunting ground. The tiger is a cat, and she “walks by itself”. And here without the allocation of full-time employees of the hunting authority on wildlife conservation is not enough.

Comments that now sound for this strategy arose after our first public meeting. Now set up a working group, the draft strategy will be discussed through a system of open government and submitted for discussion to the regions. I think by the end of the first quarter of next year we will get a balanced document. By the way, in the future and development of the Federal target program, which should lead to concrete results for wildlife conservation in Russia.

Spring will be a traditional question: whether to restrict the access of people, including mushroom and berries in the forest?

Vladimir Lebedev:
the Analysis shows that almost 80 percent of all wildfires are caused by people. It is therefore necessary to limit visits to forests in the 4th and 5th class of fire danger when it is very dry and hot weather. Given the low level of self-organization of the majority of citizens, without these measures to protect nature is impossible. And so consider not only in the Ministry of environment, the forestry Agency, but in a number of environmental organizations. But the decision on the restriction or closing of access to the forest are accepted by the regions.

Source: Internet portal “Russian Newspaper” December 14, 2012
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