Diesel wood

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Diesel wood

Diesel wood

In Australia started the experience of growing “diesel tree” – plants that give oil, which can operate car or tractor.
The owner of the nursery Mike Jubow of the state of Queensland (Australia) has purchased Brazil seeds “diesel tree” – tropical plants of copaifera langsdorfii. This plant produces oil, which can be removed and after cleaning, to use as biological fuel.
Mature tree in a year will give about 40 liters of diesel fuel. If you create a plantation of trees with an area of 1 ha, in a year you can get 12 thousand litres that the residual for the needs of the owner of a small farm. The trees will provide biological fuel for 70 years.
Oil “diesel tree” has limits on usage to produce biodiesel: the oil can be stored for only a few months. However if the oil is stored after extraction for a very long time, it thickens and is converted into oil copaiba is a valuable product used in alternative medicine and sold at a cost of $ 100./L.

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