Dark days for black loggers

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Dark days for black loggers

Dark days for black loggers

December 20, the State Duma adopted the Federal law "On amendments to the Forest code of the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation Code of administrative offences" in the part of improvement of legal regulation of accounting of prepared wood.

The first position will be effective from 1 February 2014, while the law will come into force within two.

The law introduces several new provisions in the Forest code concerning registration, marking and transport of timber, the Declaration deals with round timber, as well as information system of accounting of prepared wood and deals therewith.
Innovations almost completely solve the problem of illegal logging, eliminate grey schemes the implementation of the raw materials contribute to restore order in the account of the wood not only during procurement, but also on the forest products market.

The registration of timber will be undertaken by the loggers and forest workers, and marking timber will have Lesexport.

Wood transport is possible only with the accompanying document. To buy a lot of wood, now I'll have to submit a Declaration in the manner prescribed by law through the Internet and through a single portal of public and municipal services. For the creation of a single Federal state automated information system of accounting of wood, which will allow you to track the origin of all flows of wood, to control the accuracy of the data, to determine the legality of logging, to keep records of all transactions until the recycling or export abroad. Special attention will be paid to the control of valuable breeds of wood such as oak, beech, ash.

And of course for not following the innovations provides for fines ranging from several thousand to half a million rubles.

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