The announcement of the journal "Bioenergy international" 4(29)-2013

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The announcement of the journal "Bioenergy international" 4(29)-2013

The announcement of the journal "Bioenergy international" 4(29)-2013

Main theme of the issue 4(29)-2013 magazine "Bioenergy international" has become the market of fuel pellets in South Korea. The focus of the main materials of the issue around the position of deliveries of Russian pellets to the Asian markets, competition with American and canadian companies, as well as the macroeconomic situation of the Asian market.
Other materials rubric "pellets" is devoted to the description of operation of pellet plants, export-import operations, provided statistics for 10 months of 2013
On other pages of the journal printed materials about the torrefaction, briquetting the production of fired boilers and biofuel, as well as interesting articles and exclusive interviews with leading experts in the biofuel sector of Ukraine.
Completes the room, as usual, the materials of the heading business travel, seminars and conferences.


The category "pellets" page 2-17
Americans in Korea
The Market Of South Korea
Chronicle pellet plants
Russian pellets in the Korean market
Koreans in Ust-Ilimsk
Statistics on pellets
Chinese riddle
Biofuels in the Krasnoyarsk territory
Pellet mill – smart records
German giant factory in Nizhny Novgorod
Economic problems of pellet production in Russia

The heading "Errepikatu" p. 18-19
Russian technology is torrefaction. New patent
Expert opinion

Topic "Fuel briquettes" page 20-23
Briquette drive
Chronicle briquetting plants
Combustion of straw briquette in Turkey

The category "Boilers and CHP biofuel" pages 24-27
Tver region goes to biofuel
Polytechnik in Russia. The end of 2013
New boiler-house in Penza region

Topic "Ukraine" p. 28-29
Germany is funding the Ukrainian bioenergy
Wood chips for Italy
As to whether the legislative expectations of Ukraine?

Topic "Seminars and conferences" p. 30-35
Conference on biofuels within the framework of Woodex
St. Petersburg forestry forum
Tyumen conference
The Austrians invited the Russians

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26-27 February 2014, we invite you to participate in the European pellet conference in Wels, Austria (with simultaneous interpretation provided in Russian language). Read more here.

Until 25 January, for advertisers, discounts on the supply of advertising in the magazine and on the website. Read more here. Hurry to apply during the holidays! Advertising in the magazine “the Bioenergy international” - is prepared 5000 readers per quarter, those interested in the topic of biofuels and bioenergy. These are companies that are planning or build a pellet, briquette plants or injected boiler on biofuel. Advertising on the website of the IAA “INFOBIO” is 500 targeted visitors a day looking for equipment for the production and use of biofuels. Questions and requests:
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