The exhibition "Siberian house – 2014": a step towards the dream house

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The exhibition "Siberian house – 2014": a step towards the dream house

From 24 to 27 April in Novosibirsk will be held the 12th exhibition of low-rise housing "Siberian house – 2014".
Low-rise housing construction is on the rise: 33% of the total volume introduced in 2013, housing in the Novosibirsk region (or 544,32 thousand sq m) accounted for individual and low-rise construction.
"The point of no return in the segment of low-rise housing is passed, said at the exhibition SibBuild 2014 the Minister of construction and housing and communal services of the Novosibirsk region Denis Vershinin, including maintenance and residents of the Novosibirsk region, that require such housing".
According to the Minister, the increase in the share of housing economy class in the segment of low-rise construction will further boost demand. "This is a rapidly growing segment of the market. And given the stimulus programs it should be very interesting for business", — said the Minister.
Popular the direction of the building devoted to the exhibition "Siberian house", which the company "ITE Siberia" in Novosibirsk organizes already for the 12th time.
The exhibition "Siberian house" is equally interesting both to professionals (builders cottage complexes, low-rise construction specialists and representatives of management companies and homeowners associations) and private visitor, who wants to buy, build or renovate their own home.
"The uniqueness of the exhibition is the complex approach to an individual building, i.e. in a wide range of proposals of exhibitors covering all aspects of living in their own home," says project Director Svetlana Novikova. Detailed information about the sections of the exhibition presented on the website
Participation in the exhibition confirmed more than 120 companies, including Knauf, "the Rubtsovsky foundry complex", "Ruser", "ITECO", "TekhnoNikol", "Domotechnika", Trading house "NLC", "Input systems" (the official partner of ALUTECH Group of companies), MasterTherm, "AQUATHERM" and others.
General partner of the exhibition "Siberian house – 2014" will become a Group of companies "Cephalic".
"Participants will be able to take advantage of the special presentation area in hall where you can organize and conduct presentations, workshops, contests and to work with the audience in non-stop," says exhibition Director Svetlana Novikova.
The exhibition business program will be full of seminars, master-classes, presentations and conferences. Topics: new Italian paints, the issues of landscape in the urban environment, opportunities for conceptual development of cottage complexes.
Help. In 2013, for four days of work at the exhibition "Siberian house" visited 9194 unique visitor. The share of new visitors (those who visited the exhibition for the first time) was 44% and the share of regular (those who attend the exhibition and more than 5 years) is 17.2%.According to a survey conducted among visitors, 42.5 per cent received new business contacts, and 4.3% entered into new contracts directly at the exhibition.
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