Sell Fuel briquettes RUF

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Sell Fuel briquettes RUF

Environmentally friendly product:
There are no chemicals, adhesives and dyes. Bonding occurs due to lignin contained in the cells of plants.
There is no smoke
There is no deposition of soot
Low ash content
Ash is 15 times less than the combustion of conventional wood.
Fuel wood briquettes RUF emit while burning ten times less carbon dioxide than natural gas, and fifty times less than coal.
Maintain constant combustion temperature for a long time.
Ease of storage: One pallet occupies an area of 1, 2 m2. Thus by its heat emission. One pallet ( 1 m 3) = One truck of firewood ( 5 m 3)
Protected from precipitation, high moisture resistance.

On the pallet 1 tonne, price sat in the car. 4000R. always in stock tn. with Omutninsk. T. 89127060677 Stanislav.
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