Developed the state programme of forestry development

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Developed the state programme of forestry development

Approved the program of development of the forest

The government has developed the draft state program of forestry development until 2020.

According to statistics, today annual fire covered up to 2 million hectares of Russian forests. The developers of the document intend to reduce this figure more than doubled. To achieve these results will help improve the quality of monitoring of forest fires. Also in the next 8 years will complete the program by providing the regions with fire-extinguishing means.

It is also planned to increase the number of forest protection - from 17 thousand to 50 thousand people. This will reduce not only the number of wildfires, but the forest area which are dying from pests and diseases. Today it annually up to 300 thousand hectares. In General for 8 years, according to the program, the number of detections of violations of the forest legislation will be increased to 85%.

In addition, the program stipulates an increase in funding for forest management - forest evaluation in order to provide them on lease. In the last five years, performing such works as: the coverage, definition of forest boundaries, their statement on the cadastre was held only by the regions. Next year money will be allocated from the Federal budget.

The document sets out the criteria by which it will assess the effectiveness of the program. Only 8 years for its implementation will be allocated 525 billion $ 265 billion from the Federal budget, 193 - from extra-budgetary sources and 67 - from regional budgets.

Source: Internet portal “Russian Newspaper” December 27, 2012
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