The FFA and the bailiffs will cooperate.

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The FFA and the bailiffs will cooperate.

The FFA and the bailiffs will cooperate.

The FFA in cooperation with the Federal bailiff service have brought preliminary results of work for 9 months of the current year, coordinated actions and outlined future work plans.

Thursday, November 6 2014 held a coordination meeting, devoted to the interaction between the Federal bailiff service of Russia and the Federal forestry Agency in the fulfillment of requirements of Executive documents on reimbursement of damages for violations of forest law, for the recovery of debts on payments for use of forests with tenants of forest plots and other parties using forests, and the recovery of administrative fines imposed for offenses in the sphere of forest relations.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister of natural resources and environment of the Russian Federation - head of Federal forestry Agency Ivan Valentine, Director of the Federal bailiff service - chief bailiff of Russia Artur Parfenchikov, Deputy head of the Federal forestry Agency Anatoly Buldakov, representatives of the Ministry of emergency situations, Ministry of internal Affairs, General Prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation, and also – via videoconference – the heads of territorial bodies of the Federal bailiff service and Executive authorities in the field of forest relations.

John Valentine in his speech recalled that the problems of the forest complex designated by the President of the Russian Federation at the state Council Presidium on the development of the forestry sector, and appropriate instructions: decriminalization of the industry, the profitability of the forest industry and the strengthening of responsibility for violation of forest legislation.
Now in production at Federal bailiff service of the Russian Federation are things worth more than 3.5 billion rubles, "For us it is comparable to the annual cost of the Federal budget for reforestation or the forest fire", - said Ivan Valentine.
For the first 9 months of this year were brought to administrative responsibility of 49.5 thousand persons imposed administrative fines totaling more than 370 million rubles Collected 155,4 million rubles, or 42%.

According to the head of the Federal forestry Agency, well-organized interaction of the forest service regions and territorial bodies of the Federal bailiff service for the collection of forest charges in Penza, Kurgan and Orel regions, where it is possible to recover up to 85 per cent of the pending cases, when sredneroznichnaja 3%. In the Krasnodar region, Tula, Kostroma and Voronezh regions recovered less than 1% of the amount under enforcement proceedings.
Similar situation for the execution of court decisions on recovery of damages. In the current year not reimbursed a penny in Arkhangelsk, Kaliningrad, Amur, Magadan, Sakhalin regions, the republics of Mordovia, Tatarstan, Chuvashia, Tuva and Khabarovsk territory.
Also there is a positive work in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, where redress by the courts amounted to $ 514,3 million roubles, almost entirely from court awarded damages.

At the end of his speech, Kaletnik invited to return to the question of reasonableness to determine the extent of damage. "Now the damage is calculated the same way and for tenants, and for the "black woodcutters". While not always objective, proportionality of harm and the severity of the offense. We want to make a more objective assessment of harm actually caused by forest fires, illegal logging and other forest violations”.

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