Reversible fan for drying chambers

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Reversible fan for drying chambers

Since 2011, the company (located on the territory of BRYANSKSELMASH) that produces impellers for LLC “VEZA”, mastered the Assembly of new products - axial fans systems MULТIWING - 800 PCs/month.
- balancing on special machine tools of import manufacture SENG;
- roll-out of buildings with flat and toroidal inputs from flat and cylindrical work pieces on machines "NOVASIDERA", "LUCAS", "NODI";
- own manufacturing hub of stainless steel or aluminum, turning machine "OKUMA";
- delivery of electromotors standard and special versions including the class of insulation "H" from a domestic producer, at special prices;
- Assembly of impellers of axial fans (direct, reverse and reverse type) are made from parts kits European suppliers of inventory (more than 3000 sets in stock in Bryansk). Pruning on diameter and setting the desired angle individually for each order.

In 2015 subsidiary of VEZA-BRYANSK can offer complete reversible axial fans for the kilns, in various versions:
• Diameters from 450 mm to 1000 mm;
• Power - from 0.37 kW to 7.5 kW;
• Blades and hub – aluminum;
• High temperature motors, insulation class H, high temperature bearings;
• Different versions of the shell (body) of your choice: aluminum or stainless steel, long , short, etc.
The price of product is calculated in rubles, and little depends on the Euro.

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