Explanation with supporting documents

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Explanation with supporting documents

Explanation with supporting documents

At the next meeting of the working group of the Federal forestry Agency for the implementation of FZ-415 addressed issues of concern to representatives of business and regional bodies of forest management.

Special attention was paid to the issue of the use of the accompanying document the transportation of timber, and specifically in the design of the accompanying document for the transportation of wood is it necessary to assure the signature of the owner or authorized representative print.

The decision of the Government of the Russian Federation of 21 June 2014 № 571 "On the shipping document for the transportation of timber" approved form of the accompanying document and the rules of its filling.

According to this regulation must be specified in the accompanying document: the surname, name, patronymic, position and signature of the owner of timber authorized by the owner or the person who has booked the accompanying document. But require the presence of print on the shipping document does not contain.
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