Pyrolysis furnace Aria.

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Pyrolysis furnace Aria.

This oven is laid out and available scrap materials. No welding. Components of building material and steel elements. The lowest cost in comparison with purchase boilers of domestic and foreign production. The pyrolysis furnace is energy-independent. It does not need electricity. The oven can operate in the usual TT-boiler, pyrolysis without combustion. This panel can produce flammable gas, which can be used for cooking, the production of electrical energy. High durability because it is lined with ceramic bricks and lined inside with chamotte bricks. Compact oven. Its dimensions laid out in the figure. In the pyrolysis furnace inserted removable Teploobmennik, which does not spoil the appearance. Through a heat exchanger heated with radiators in the rooms. the heat exchanger is made of cast iron sections of batteries collected in a special way. The heat exchanger is accessible for cleaning purposes. It can at any time withdraw. In the pyrolysis furnace has a place for cooking. For convenience, boiling, frying, barbecue, and installed the second tier, made in the form of platform from the grate. The capacity of the furnace is designed for heating spaces from 100 to 250 sq. m Duration of burning on a single tab, up to 24 hours. The moisture content of the fuel, up to 35%. Saving of firewood until 50%. Oven is easy to maintain and available to any village resident. Is excluded from entering the pyrolysis gases into the room. Amazingly beautiful and enchanting combustion of pyrolysis gases in the combustion chamber, which can be observed through heat-resistant glass fireplace doors. Oven well fit into the interior Seating cabin, cottage, rustic huts. You will be warm under all depressions in ambient temperature, because the oven is designed for “boost mode” of combustion. It can be used in remote regions of Siberia and the Far East, and Transcarpathia Ukraine. This development is pyrolysis oven is the intellectual property of and protected by Copyright Law. PROVIDE TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION FOR SELF-PRODUCTION, INCLUDING CONSULTATION IN THE PROCESS OF MAKING KILN.
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================================================ The consumption of materials. 1. Ceramic brick him. - St. 2. Fireclay brick SHA-6, GM: 53 3. Fireclay brick SHA cone-45 - 64 4 PCs. Stove fireclay SHA-97 - 2 pieces 5. Stove fireclay SHA-94 - 8-piece Flow components. 1. French door landing size, mm - 1 PCs. 2. Door fireplace SVT410, landing size, 3. Hm. – 1 piece 4. Grate PN-2, Hm. - 4 pieces 5. Grate RD-6, Hm. - 1 piece 6. The valve SV-3, landing size,mm. - 1 piece 7. Section cast iron heating MS-140 - 8 pieces 8. Straight tee 1 ¼ “ - 1 piece 9. Straight elbow 1 ¼ ” - 1pc. 10. Locknut 1 1/4" - 4 pieces 11. Coupler for 1 ¼ ” - 1 PC.
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