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"Tax holidays" for loggers

Tax holidays for loggers.

The deputies of three provinces: Vladimir, Chelyabinsk and Penza passed the laws on "tax holidays" for individual entrepreneurs, carrying out activity in the field of forestry.

In the Penza region set a zero tax rate when applying the simplified taxation system and patent system for newly registered individual entrepreneurs operating in the forestry sector.

In the Vladimir region established a zero tax rate for individual entrepreneurs registered and operating in the sphere of woodworking and production of wood products. Requirements for the SP: has never previously been registered as individual entrepreneurs, issued a state registration as a PI after the entry into force of the law On "tax holidays"; the average number of employees of FE does not exceed 5 persons, and incomes do not exceed 6 million rubles per year. Tax holidays are granted the Vladimir businessmen for a period of two years after registration, in the period up to 2021.

In the Chelyabinsk region the rate was 0% until January 1, 2021, for entrepreneurs registered since the publication of the law, applying the simplified or the patent system of taxation. To use the discount will within two years after registration as a PI.

Talk about similar laws are underway in many regions of the Russian Federation.
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"Tax holidays" for loggers

Well, as for IE it's tempting, but what about the budget, well this is how the Treasury will be reduced? Not be more advantageous to take the tax and received money to restore the forest?
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