Improving the quality of reforestation!

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Improving the quality of reforestation!

Improving the quality of reforestation!

In the course held in Arkhangelsk the all-Russia meeting on reforestation, the head of the Federal forestry Agency Ivan Valentine, set a task to improve the quality of reforestation.

The Valentine stressed that reforestation is an important task. It is important to ensure not only increased, but also the improvement of the qualitative composition of plantations.

"The intensive model is our modern answer to the problems we encountered. Use mnogoletnih selective logging, modern technologies of reproduction, tending, will allow for a greater increase of wood per unit area, respectively, will provide more possibilities of removing such timber. Despite the fact that the first stage investment cost increases, eventually, the technologically profitable business to invest in a new model of forest management and, accordingly, receive a greater volume of wood required from the point of view of economic distance and thereby accelerate the momentum," - said the head of Rosleskhoz.

According to the law all the area is caught in the clear cuttings must be restored. "To date, in the structure of reforestation 72% is business. Therefore, when the reduced fiscal capacity, it is important that the topic of forest restoration business came more serious. Last year, the business responsible approach to this issue. We have documented the implementation plan for the restoration of forests by 103%". - said Ivan Valentine.

One of the mechanisms to improve the quality of reforestation can be estimated the activities foreseen in the Forestry code.
Bringing in independent assessors for evaluation of the result of the investment of tenants in forestry can increase the interest of forest users in forest regeneration. This will allow to increase the capitalization of responsible tenants.

The proposal will be worked out in detail.
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