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Wood pellet business - the future of the fuel industry

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Wood pellet business - the future of the fuel industry

The production of pellets is financially feasible and promising direction in business, which for many years successfully developed in Europe and America. Every year the demand for environmentally friendly biofuels is growing, and its consumption is growing. All these facts make the factories producing pellets – the best investment project within the TOP 10 most attractive solutions for business development.
Why it is profitable to invest in the construction of pellet plants in Russia?
1. Huge resource base
Russia possesses enormous reserves of natural resources and occupies the first position by the number of waste lumber. All the factors demonstrate the greater flexibility in providing biofuel factories with the necessary raw materials for pellet production.

2. A guaranteed market
The countries of Europe, America and Asia have long been active consumers of biofuels. Pellets – environmentally friendly product, emitting huge amounts of energy when burned. In addition, their cost in relation to oil and gas is much lower, making the purchase of wood pellets the most advantageous financial decision.
3. Dynamically developing industry
Consumption of wood pellets is growing every year. The undisputed world leader in this are the countries of Europe. Biofuel production is actively supported by the government that contributes to the continuous development of technology of making pellets. According to statistics, by 2020 the increase in the consumption of pellets will not decrease, but rather increase. These facts characterize the biofuel direction, as a stable and efficient environment for long-term business development.
Every year the world produces millions of tons of pellets due to continuous growth in consumption of this fuel.
The market consumption volume of pellet, t/year the amount of pellets by 2020, tons/year % of world consumption

Implementing the project on developing the biofuel market, the investor has a guaranteed outlet for the final product, both on the domestic market and external.
Time is money!
The company "Bioinvest" builds plants for the production of pellets with a fully developed infrastructure. The company has developed and implemented solutions with the capacity of 10 000, 20 000 and 40 000 tons of pellets per year.

According to analytical data the biofuels market of Russia developed just 10% in the next five years will see rapid growth. Invest project – plants for the production of pellets – is the best proposal from the point of view of financial attractiveness and economic development.
Buy your plant at bioinvest.the Russian Federation!

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