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The main otlichie press granulator series OGM from DG

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The main otlichie press granulator series OGM from DG

To date, the industrial market is saturated with offers for the sale of pellet presses of various models, configurations and from different manufacturers. With the help of this equipment make the wood pellets – fuel pellets, which are widely used as alternative fuel. Such popularity of this type of technology is associated primarily with the independent production of pellets helps to solve the problems associated with the disposal of wood waste. In addition, pellets are the cheapest fuel that have moved all European countries.

The problem of choice of pellet equipment
But there is one problem, how to choose pellet equipment, which is ideal for your production. There are several varieties of this type of equipment, in particular this technique is divided into 2 types:

Pellet presses OGM – old model of hardware that was actively used during the Soviet time on the farms, collective farms, livestock farms for the preparation of feed. This equipment has no analogues, so it is claimed. Today the equipment series BT updated and fully adapted to quality pellet production.

But it is worth noting the fact that many companies sell older models of this type of technology, are not suitable for the production of pellets and used for the manufacture of feed. As a result of planned economic effect companies, which bought this equipment can not be reached. In addition, spare parts for old equipment is very expensive. Often their value exceeds the costs that have to bear when purchasing new equipment.
Granulator DG is a modern variation of equipment for the production of pellets produced in different variations. This type of technique has replaced the LML.

Despite the fact that the granulators DG more modern, mechanized, both variations of this pellet equipment continue to be used actively in the industry. In order not to be mistaken with a choice, you should understand the structure of equipment for manufacturing pellets and to understand what are the main differences between these 2 varieties of equipment.

Each of these types of equipment can be divided into 4 components:
The motor – power unit, which gives the torque.
The gear - unit conversion of torque and speed of rotation.
The pressing chamber, in which the granulation of raw materials.
System mixing and dosing.

The main difference lies in the different design gear. The LML in this element, two-stage with 3 shafts and DG reducer single stage. And, of course, the main difference is that the DG series equipment is much safer because it has far fewer parts that wear out quickly. With all this technical specification and the features of these 2 types of equipment are exactly the same.

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