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The production of alternative fuel use for urban boiler houses

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The production of alternative fuel use for urban boiler houses

The first pellet boilers in Europe began to produce in the late twentieth century − these were low-powered fireplaces and boilers for the private sector. And at the beginning of the XXI century boilers with pellet boilers of the highest power of 50 kW and above have appeared in hotels, schools, industrial plants, farms.

In Russia, the first pellet boiler appeared after 2005, first in the North-Western and Central regions, close to the first Russian factories on manufacture of wood fuel granules. Today in Russia, many regions are moving or planning to move on the path of production of alternative fuels – fuel pellets (pellets), which are used for heating different type of city boiler-houses. The thing is that it is more profitable than gas heating.

In order to completely switch to alternative space heating for various purposes it is necessary to use cantenna raw materials – pellets standard din+, which can polute using special equipment for the production of pellets.
High-quality equipment for pellet manufacturing – the key to efficient operation of boiler
It is important to note the fact that the boiler will operate as efficiently as possible, if the fuel will be pellets, made of quality materials and reliable equipment. Otherwise the boiler will not cope with its task of space heating for various purposes.

Moreover, using pellets of poor quality, the boiler will not work properly, it must be cleaned monthly. Whereas, if you use quality fuel, the boiler itself will need to be cleaned once a season, and flue pipe 1 time a year. When using quality pellets, you can extend the life of boiler equipment at times.


An expert in the field of pellet production equipment in the Russian market is the company "the Dose-Gran" that is always ready to help their customers make the right choice, advise if you have any questions, etc. So any problems with the choice of the supplier should arise.
The main reasons of cooperation with the company are as follows:
High quality of equipment, confirmed by certificates of conformity.
A huge number of successful projects – over 300.
Extensive experience – over 12 years of pellet on the market.
The provision of guarantees to the whole range of manufactured equipment and ancillary services, in particular installation technology.
Delivery of equipment to all regions of Russia and in neighboring countries.
Affordable price.
A wide range of individual equipment and prepared complexes.
Always have spare parts for all models of the equipment produced.
Source: "DOSE-GRAN"
Website: www.dozagran.com
E-mail: office@dozagran.com
Tel: 8-800-200-24-66, (831) 432-6-500

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The production of alternative fuel use for urban boiler houses

You can sell pellets made on your pellet over the hill, pass certification?
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The production of alternative fuel use for urban boiler houses

Good day! Thank You for your interest in the subject! In 2014, our company was certified for compliance with applicable quality management system standard ISO 9001:2008, and July 27, 2015, has successfully passed re-certification audit of the international centre DQS and received the corresponding confirmation. Our company have implemented procedures for multi-stage control of quality of manufactured products. We very carefully select the accessories and parts only the most reliable and reliable suppliers, implemented incoming inspection. Engineers specially created service quality check each piece of equipment collected by a special process maps for all stages of production, allowing us to identify possible manufacturing defects at early stages and minimize the risk of detection of defects after shipment.

Sincerely, LLC “Dose-Gran”.
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