Woodworking equipment for processing wood materials

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Woodworking equipment for processing wood materials

For the processing of wood materials at industrial enterprises use specialized woodworking equipment. On smaller productions used individual equipment, and large – ready complexes (sawmills). This equipment is divided into several types:
The first 2 types of power-saw benches are the most popular, they are used much more frequently. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages and is used for solving specific tasks.
The main differences from tape disk machines
Advantages of disk before tape machines are as follows:
Disk hardware has a more affordable price.
Low maintenance and operation. You don't have to spend much time on sharpening saws. This process you will need to implement only 1 time per week and not every 2-3 hours unlike a tape machine.
This equipment is simple in operation – you do not need to spend much time on sharpening. Enough to be a processing for changing and grinding one's capital in a week. You can not say about the tape machine – that need sharpening every 2-3 hours, resulting in relatively slow and so the equipment will be freeze.
High-speed operation.
The processing of logs of large diameter.
Band saws have the following advantages:
Needs no special Foundation. The machine can be moved to any other location. In addition, the Foundation is very expensive.
Long service life. Low power consumption and large output of lumber.
The equipment and its components are easy to repair. In the event of breakage of any part can be replaced instead of buying an expensive new machine.
Simple hardware installation process, which takes approximately 4 hours.
Despite the advantages of band saws have the following disadvantages, which will be crucial when choosing a particular type of equipment. Their main disadvantages are as follows:
Less performance compared to disk power-saw benches.
Sawmill band does not guarantee the accuracy of radial cut. This is especially noticeable when it comes woodworking equipment just felled coniferous tree. Due to the fact that the material is resinous, and it has a lot of moisture, cutting edges of saws and other moving parts with the cut sticks to the resin and therefore on the surface of the wood formed a "waviness".
In any case, the choice of this or that kind of equipment will be individual in each case. It is better to seek the help of qualified professionals.
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