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The start of wood pellet plant: beneficial or self-deception?

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The start of wood pellet plant: beneficial or self-deception?

Today on the territory of our country there is a trend of creating zero waste production and the various enterprises for processing different types of waste and their recycling use. In particular, the sawmill and woodworking industries in large quantities remains wood raw material: sawdust, shavings, bark, slabs, etc.
There is quite an urgent problem for their disposal. One of the modern and economically favorable ways of recycling wood waste is the production of pellets, which are then used as alternative fuel. For those who really want to get into this business, the actual opening of its own pellet plant. This raises many questions: how profitable is this business, how quickly it will pay for itself, etc.
Benefits from the acquisition of pellet equipment
Let's say that you decided to open your own business with the use of pellet equipment, what benefits you will derive? First of all, is:
The broad markets. You definitely will not sit and wait, when you have someone to buy the pellets. Because the demand for these products is growing annually, not only in Russia but also in countries near and far abroad. But since the fuel pellets are made mostly from wood waste, Russia is one of the main exporters of this product, because forest resources in the country is huge, unlike foreign countries. In addition, the biofuel produced can be used for personal use – heating of their own premises.
High income. Due to the high demand for pellets profits from this production will be provided for you. Especially if we take into account the fact that traditional fuel sources becoming more expensive, and in the conditions of crisis to purchase them becomes unprofitable. Pellets are way cheaper, in addition, they are a natural product that does not harm people's health. Therefore, the demand for this product is quite understandable. Equipment for pellet production pays for itself within 6 months, depending on the number of shifts.
A small number of competitors. Today, manufacturers of pellets to the Russian market, this niche is relatively free compared to other popular businesses.
You still doubt, whether profitable this business or not? Call the expert of the market of bioenergy production plant Dose-Grand phone: 8-800-200-24-66, (831) 432-6-500, get professional advice, ask all the questions. Only then will you be able to make the right decision.
Source: "DOSE-GRAN"
Website: www.dozagran.com
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Tel: 8-800-200-24-66, (831) 432-6-500

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