"Biofuel plant": why and how to build?

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"Biofuel plant": why and how to build?

Today, the transition to biofuel – task is important. Compared with other solid fuels, this alternative source has several advantages. First, it can reduce the dependence of Russian energy from nonrenewable fuel sources. Secondly, to create effective demand for low-grade wood (for example, from logging as a result of clearing of forests killed in the fires), and thus contribute to the rise of forestry. In addition, biofuels are not only environmentally friendly but also cheap. Including all these factors, it becomes clear that the intra-market demand for this product will grow year after year.
"Bioinvest" has become a party of effective and promising business for the production of pellets and make your contribution to the future energy mix. Our company is building a biomass plant and invites innovative investors, ensuring a painless entry into the market, stable income and successful implementation of financial expectations. In addition, the economic indicators of production are given to understand that biofuel production large export prospects: for example, Germany renounces nuclear power, but looking for new sources because the energy consumption in the country is growing; or Finland need cheap capacity, because construction of new energogenerative very expensive. Bitplane and use of technologies to such countries.
Let's understand the terminology: what is a "biofuel plant" that includes this concept and why it is necessary to understand that the line or pelletizing technology and pellet biofuel plant are two different things. So, in order.
This enterprise consists of several complexes, equipped with high-tech equipment for the production of fuel pellets, i.e. pellet – high quality biofuel. As feedstock is used waste that remains in the wood processing industry and in agriculture. Wood chips, sawdust, branches – all of which can be processed into pellets of cylindrical shape.
Unlike a simple line pelletizing, biofuel plant allows to produce, store and transport the pellets, because it is fully equipped with various equipment and includes not only production sites but also warehouses, logistics center and so on.
Another distinct advantage of the biofuel plant – the possibility of building such an enterprise from scratch: it does not require large investments and long approvals. To post production can be on any platform, avoiding complicated technical calculations. As a result, for a minimum investment you get innovative, ecofriendly and promising business, which will show the most.
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