Processing fuel chips

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Processing fuel chips

Chipper dBm-40 is the best option for the production of fuel chips
Today one of the promising biofuel is wood fuel. Russia has the world's largest reserves of forest resources, that is why our country has enormous potential in the field of forest bioenergy. Promising areas are the development of domestic consumption of wood-based biofuels and the export of fuel abroad. Excellent raw material for the production of alternative fuel is fuel wood chips made from waste lumber and used wood by grinding them into a chipping machine.
In the production of primary wood biofuels are widely used, the following raw materials:
– non-business wood: low-value, low-quality wood;
– wood-cut residuals from clearcuttings: tops, branches, limbs, debris barrels, utkalika;
– small-diameter wood from non-commercial thinning and specially grown for energy purposes;
– stump and root wood.
One of the most suitable models of chipping machines for production of fuel chips is the chipper dBm-40 with a capacity up to 40 cubic meters/hour. To purchase this type of equipment in a manufacturing plant Trading House Kotelnich Mechanical Plant. Specialists working in the company, explain all the details of work on chipping equipment, undertake installation, commissioning and ramp-up of capacity.
Source: "Trading House "Kotelnich Mechanical Plant"
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